It is extremely important for any graphic designer to understand who you are and what you do. Only then can the design be relevant and to the point. That is why a design brief is the single most critical factor in ensuring that a project is successful. It will provide the designer with all the information needed to exceed your expectations. The design brief allows you to focus on exactly what you want to achieve before any design work can start.

Download the design brief below (specific to logo design) and try to be as detailed as you can.
Brief (en français)

Download the design brief below (specific to Webdesign) and try to be as detailed as you can.
Brief for Web-design

For other artwork designs like invitations, brochures, DL cards, advertising, posters or even Calendars, the design brief questions may vary a little but understanding who you are, what you do, how you do it and what you are looking for is the most important thing to achieve better design results.

Process of a design project

After some understanding of what needs to be designed, I will send you a quote that you (the client) need to return to me duly signed, together with the design brief completed.

In the case of a logo design, the process can be described as such:

the quote is sent to the client together with a design brief:

  1. upon receipt of the quote duly signed and the brief completed, the design process can begin. This phase of creative idea generation can take up to one week.
  2. first presentation: three variations of the logo design are presented to the client (PDF file);
  3. At this stage, communication between customer and designer is essential. The client should detail his likes and dislikes on the preferred design.
  4. First round of revisions*
  5. A second round of revisions* if necessary
  6. Third and last round of revisions* if necessary. This is when the client signs off on the artwork. Any extra revisions after this step will be charged at an hourly rate of 50$/hour.
  7. Invoice is sent to the client.
  8. Once payment is received in full, the artwork will be supplied to the client in a format required for print.

Please note:

*revisions are small changes to the design. It is not a complete redesign. In the case of a complete redesign, the client is charged for the price of the service quoted plus the hourly rate for the time required to redesign the project. The design of a business card, letterhead or any other stationery is not included in the quote for a logo. Additional quote & brief will need to be provided for such other design projects. The process of designing a logo generally takes up to two weeks, provided the client responds promptly at each step of the process.

Copyright issues

The designer (Isabelle Antonetti of IA Graphic Design + Photography) remains the copyright holder of the artwork (including the logos first presented and not chosen), unless there is an agreement to the contrary in writing. The artwork cannot be modified without the permission of the original creator. Conditions apply in case of assigning or licensing the rights of a copyrighted item. The author can reproduce the logos in her portfolio for the purposes of self promotion. To know more about copyright, visit

You may want to download the following PDF files from the Australian Copyright Council :