Wedding photography

Discover the type of photos I take at a wedding . In wedding photography, some skills are desirable: the ability to make yourself discreet during the ceremony and day in general, while still directing the couple and guests to get the best possible shots, the ability to spot the right light and locations for striking and memorable images and to master the editing software to present the pictures beautifully.

The pictures can then be assembled in a coffee table book that makes the best souvenir of the greatest day of your life and can be shared with your family. Good quality wedding shots can be printed on canvas and look great on your walls. I like to add splashes of colour to the black and white images… (Thank you Gary & Valerie, George & Lucinda for allowing me to reproduce some of your wedding pictures here).

NEW: Aerial Photography/Videos
There is the option to have your wedding  (or business) filmed from above with the aid of a GoPro attached to a DJI Phantom Quadcopter. The quality is excellent. The video can then be edited to become part of a slideshow for example.


Extraordinary cake prepared by Tania from Cake Designz ( )


Photography with Canon EOS 7D
Photo-editing and retouching: Adobe Photoshop CS5
GoPro Hero 3
DJI Phantom Quadcopter
Video Editing; Adobe Final Cut Pro / iMovie